January 7, 2019

The Holiday Break Almost Broke Me

We spent Christmas at home this year I now understand why schools call it a “holiday break” because believe me, I was close to the breaking point more than a few times this holiday. Seriously, 2 weeks without school, sports, or art classes to engage my little ones is a lot to handle, add trying to work into the equation and its challenging, to say the least.

My office was closed over the holidays (perk of owning your own business) but that doesn’t mean that work stops and I found it difficult balancing family time and managing clients expectations. I felt overwhelmed, I love spending time with my kids but I have a business to run and work cannot come to a screeching halt for 2 weeks. I needed some serious time management tools and activities for my kids and I needed them fast.

I visited some time management websites and read a few kids blogs, I did get some good ideas but I have learned a solid lesson – next year I will have crafts, playdates, personal and work time organized a little better. If I hear “mom I am bored” I will have a few activities up my sleeve – I will be ready!

Here are some tips for surviving the holiday break:

  1. If you have to work, limit your time and try to stick to it – respond to emails once a day at the same time. This helps set boundaries with your clients/employer and at the same time, your children will appreciate the routine.
  2. While spending time with your family whether playing or watching a movie be present – resist the urge to pick up your phone or jump on your laptop. Family time is just that, time with your family this time is not for anyone else. (I admit this one is hard for me, even though I turned off all of my notifications on my phone the need to pick up my phone was hard to ignore)
  3. Start an activity that will take a few days to complete, it could be a puzzle, an experiment, organizing your child(ren’s) room(s) – this can be fun if you let them be a part of the process, ask their opinions and even let them pick out some new items for their room (I pick out 2 options and let them pick what they like better)

Below are some of the games, activities and storage items we used over the holiday break.




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