January 9, 2019

Outdoor Living

Mother Nature is one of my biggest influencers. There is so much to be inspired by – the colors, textures, patterns, and the life that is in everything.

I spend a lot of time outdoors, playing with my kids and hanging on my front porch with my hubby and friends. It should be no surprise that outdoor spaces are one of my favorites to design. Your outdoor area is an extension of your home and the flow from indoors to out should be seamless. One of the biggest mistakes people make is thinking of their outdoor area as a separate entity, or worse not thinking about their outdoor space at all. Trust me I get it, we all want our interior space to look good and then move on to the yard…I hear it all the time “let’s just focus on the inside we will worry about outside later.” The problem with that statement is “later” rarely comes and you are not utilizing living space that is adult, kid, and pet-friendly.

Change the way you think about your outdoor area! Your front and backyard is a part of your livable square footage and it deserves attention. My advice is to figure out how you want to use your space – outdoor dining, living, play area? When you know what you want your space to become its time to begin. I like to start with landscaping, I suggest using a professional but before you schedule an appointment spend sometime on Pinterest and create and landscape/outdoor board you will find that you have a style, and a common theme will start to emerge – this will be helpful for your landscaper. Once you have a plan for your landscaping its time to start on furniture.

Here are some ideas to help get your started. Now get of the computer and get outside (once you are finished reading this of course)



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