April 11, 2011


This is in the Coquette dressing room in Houston:

What Would Kate Wear? As in Kate Moss. Brilliant. I love that, my new mantra as I shop. I had a fun impromptu shopping trip with a good friend yesterday and got a few new spring pieces just in the nick to time to take to New York later this week.

I bought these shorts. They look exactly like these Olivia’s got on. So cute.

This jacket. It’s a little Chanel-esque. Fits like a glove. Cute with the shorts. Looks a lot better in person than with these gross-too-tight khaki pants.

These shoes are so sexy. I didn’t get them, but I think I need to go back. I didn’t get these either, but I think I need them too. I live in wedges in the summer.

So excited over this tote! It’s pretty big, which is dangerous – that means it gets filled up and stays pretty messy…but worth it, great for trips.

What are you buying for spring?


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