April 13, 2011

Public Service Announcement


So sorry about the blog photos being MIA the last two days. Hum, might have to stop using photobucket, obviously. I’m back for your regularly scheduled program. Except I’m going to New York first first thing tomorrow morning. Can’t wait to roam the streets, shop, laugh, watch good friends say ‘ido’, see my husband (he’s been in Brazil since last weekend) and just enjoy being a newyorkcitygirl for a few days. So I’ll be back after that. Promise.
Now, other orders of business,


Y’all know about this right? Ok good. Just checking.



If not, go down to your nearest nail place and ask for the ‘Romantique’. You’ll thank me later…approximately three weeks later when your manicure is still looking amazing. Go ahead, treat yourself. You deserve it. My good friend Abeer wears that hot sexy red, ‘wildfire’ all the time. I have also done the OPI gel nail, ‘Bubble Bath’. It’s really good too. These hard as rock nails come in handy when you slam your finger in a trunk door, which is what happened to me today. If I would have known I would have chosen the nice ‘navy blue’/’so black it’s almost green’ shade to match the now color of my pointer finger. In fact, I have no clue how I’m even typing right now. That’s all folks, just a little ‘fyi’. See y’all next week! x


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