August 14, 2008

Time Critical

yesterday was “the day before the movers come” …my right eye has been twitching for a week! lack of sleep? maybe. stress? maybe. intense high levels of moving anxiety? YES. So in my lunch break, hopped up on 2 x coffees and these:

I went shopping….I should have been running errands, packing, cleaning, organizing the piles of papers and receipts and junk in my wallet…what do I waste 60 minutes shopping for? Something every backpacker needs:


And…yes, I can buy Chanel in less than 60 minutes, believe me. But my color was discontinued, so I had two Japanese ladies (who were darling by the way) on either side of my face powdering me up to figure out which shade was the most natural..and all the while I was just wishing I had their gorgeous milky white skin…re-thinking bronzer all together?!? Ahh..decisions decisions…..the only reason I was buying bronzer in the first places was because my duty free Lancome travel palette that I bought 5 days ago didn’t have one….I don’t think it’s the move that is making my eye twitch, it’s the decisions as to what make-up to bring when traveling with only a backpack…and to think I’m not even here yet… xx



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