August 14, 2008

Never Say Never…

Sometime circa 2005 I proudly announced to Tim, “I’ll never live in Christchurch”..well mates, New Zealand has taught me to never say never. We’ve been in Christchurch exactly two years and we’ve had an absolute blast. Some things I’m going to miss…
Summer Time..

Winter Time

Crusaiders with or without Robbie Deans (as long as he’s playing, I’m a fan)

St. Barnabas, Pints at Pomeroys, Yogs, Belle, Sumner Beach, hanging my laundry out, Pohutakawa Trees:Image: Moi

being able to travel and hike to beaches that look like this:

Image: Moi

and of course…our ‘Kiwi’ Mates!!! We have made friends from all over the world here in Christchurch and we have enjoyed every minute with you all!
Kia Ora!

Image: Moi


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