August 14, 2008


HI World!
My name is Meg…new to blogging, checking in a little late…
I remember a few years back when the word “blog” was added to the dictionary, and it was big news. I had no idea what a blog was…and never found out until like 3 months ago, and now that I’ve found them..I’m addicted!
I wish I could write a blog as creative and inspiring as all of the ones I read every day…I’m just going to start by attempting to journal our next few months..and we’ll see how we go from there..I’ll try to be witty and find beautiful photos, but I’m not promising anything! Oh, and I definitely won’t promise the best grammar or good spelling either…
Tim, my husband, and I are moving from Christchurch, New Zealand to Houston, Texas..and we’re stopping in a few countries along the way…I hope you’ll enjoy keeping up with us on our trip~!!


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