September 29, 2008

Sleepy Cerating

We worked our way down the East Coast of Malaysia to the village of Cerating. Cerating was a ghost town, no surfing without Monsoon and no eating with Ramadan = everything closed and no people.

But we enjoyed how quiet it was, especially compared to the Perhentian islands, which was packed with European tourists. Tim got to catch up on all the big English Premiership games, which I happily watched with him. After putting up with me and my bites for 5 days, the least I could do was watch some soccer!

The bourganvillas were so beautiful, even Tim kept commenting everytime we saw them!

We wanted to crash on this guy’s couch: (who was a sultan or some prince of the state we heard)

The sand dollars covered the ocean floor…

These innocent looking little boys were playing with a slingshot!

Overall Cerating was a: B…we’d go back, but only in Monsoon season when all the sufers are there and competitions are going on!



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