September 30, 2008


We LOVED Malacca…it’s an artsy and historical city…with sorta a spooky vibe! We got there at night, so we walked around the streets of china town looking for a place to have dinner. The only place open was this Chicken Rice place, we thought it looked great, until we saw it was a Chicken Rice-Ball place. Sick, balls made of rice. I couldn’t really deal, so we had just chicken…which was great! The streets were abandoned and there was this reddish glow from lights, kinda creepy and cool.

There were antique and second hand shops all over… I couldn’t wait for daylight to come so I could get shoppin’. I LOVE rooting through any kinda market or junk I was in heaven. This place I was dying to go in..except it was closed every time we walked by. (Most of Malacca is only open on the weekends for some reason)

I wanted to buy an old bike to take back to Houston with me! Oh, and all of the tea cups…heaps of china!

Our hotel was in the middle of china town, surrounded by shop houses and temples. Walking around the same loop over and over was so much fun because there was so much to look at!

Malacca is famous for it’s Portuguese and Dutch influences, these tiles line all of the streets and shops:

There are some beautiful old churches that were built during the colonial days.

This was the tomb of an old Muslim Sultan of Malacca which was just hidden behind some bushes in china town. Gotta love Lonely Planet for knowing about all of the secrets! We would have never found this, and it was so beautiful!

I love this gardener lady on her bike..she had everything from spades to soil with her!

Tim had a beard for a very brief period of time! This was after we finished our walking tour and were so hot by 3pm that we went to watch a movie!! The joys of having ‘no plans’!

Overall Malacca was our favorite Malaysian destination..would totally go again and fill suitcases with junk and antiques to bring back with us as souvenirs!



  1. Kate

    I have the same pictures from 10 years ago!!! Nothing has changed….

  2. Meg

    i know, i missed out on the sas middle school trip!


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