September 10, 2008

Lil' India before Big India

Yesterday we went to Little India, it was a blast. We are getting so excited to go to Big India in a few weeks. I can’t wait to give myself an Indian name, wear Indian clothes and most importantly, cover myself in Indian jewelry!

The vegetables are crazy! There were piles of okra and teeny tiny eggplants!

How cute is this outfit?

Especially with arms filled with these bangles!

We had lunch at our favorite, Banana Leaf Apolo.

It met every expectation. I could barely walk myself out of there I was so sleepy and full…something about those spices puts you right to sleep!

Now…I’m not trying to ruin your appetite, I know how good that Tikka Masala, Saffron Rice, Palak Paneer and Dhal looks…. but Tim found this at a shop on the street, and we had to take a pic (excuse the poor photography skills…I’m doing my best!)

yes..Cow Urine. If you know why people pay $2 per bottle for it, please email me! Thanks.

Now, off the subject again..This photo cracks me up, I think this is what my new job decription will be when I’m trying to start a business in Houston Jan 2009:

Hi, my name is Meg, I’m an importer, exporter and general merchandiser, how can I help?



  1. 1000 penny stock

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  2. 1 money matters

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  3. Mo

    regarding the cow urine, I was intrigued and googled it…”Many Ayurvedic doctors consider cow’s urine to be highly benefical in balancing an individual’s “doshas” or basic constituents of an individual’s physiology and psychology, strengthening the immune systems and as an elixir in giving life. For those of you who would rush out to visit Farmer John’s (if you can find him – he has been largely replaced by Corporate Farm) and follow Ol’ Bessy with a bucket, purist maintain that it must be an Indian Brahma Cow as these are reputed to be the original cow and all other breeds are derivatives and off-breeds. For a more thorough explanation, check out the Hara Krishna Rural Life web site.”

  4. Meg

    THANKS Mo!!! Business opportunity out of India?? Hahah!


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