September 10, 2008

Pretty Places

These pretty places just caught my eye: those tile floors. These are just on some random street in Lil’ beautiful are they?

Yesterday afternoon, we went to visit our friend Anne, who owns China Collection. She gave me some great business tips! Her furniture, and her Black & White home in which it’s displayed are beautiful!

I couldn’t take too many pics, but aren’t these old fishing buoy’s cool? Anne’s turned them into candle holders, I’m a sucker for that green colored glass.

We had dinner at Lau Pa Sat with Tim’s cousin Matt. It’s so beautiful in there!

Again more tiles, this time on the walls..

I know, we’re not as pretty as all of these places..but I just thought I’d add a few pics of us!!

Laksa, Satay..and we also had pepper crab and “carrot cake”. Which is actually radish..I’ll have to do a whole post on that from Malaysia!

I forgot my 20 cents when I went to the “toy-let”. So I told this guy to write my name on a piece of paper for an IOU. He laughed so hard, and then I saw he had no two front teeth and I giggled myself too! When we came back to pay him, he smiled..almost, for the camera!



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