May 6, 2009

Iron Lover

Being from Louisiana, I just love a bit of old crusty iron work, especially at when it’s used at home. When I saw this coffee table at an antiques shop a few weeks ago, I knew I had found “the one”. That piece of basket weave iron is old, the patina was so beautiful. When I went back to have another look, it was gone! So sad. It probably wasn’t meant to be since I don’t even have a house yet. The good news is that I found a guy who can make me a replica. He knows how to rough it up and make it look old, which is fine by me, then I customize the size! Isn’t it pretty? Right, pretty probably isn’t the word to describe it. It would be pretty when mixed with a big comfortable sofa with down cushions and lot of cozy fabrics, the complete opposite of this rough and tough iron, masculine table. One day it will all be in place, and I can take photos for you. For now it’s all in my head!



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