Roche Bobois ou non?

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

Last week I found a sofa for my first client. He’s a young bachelor living in a little old bungalow, which is completely empty. He has a bed and a card table. Now he has a sofa. I found this sofa in a vintage/antiquey/refinished furniture shop in his neighborhood. It’s a sectional. It’s leather. Two things when paired together, I’d usually think are pretty disgusting. But this one looked bachelor like, and manly. It’s totally a football watchin‘, beer drinking, guys chilling out type of sofa. Joey Tribbiani would freak over this sofa. My client loved it. So did my father and my husband. We bought it, the price was ridiculously inexpensive.

We didn’t pick it up until the next day. In the mean time, a well known mid-century furniture dealer in the area, came in the shop and admired the sofa. He told the shop owner he believed it to be a vintage Roche Bobois. Well, of course I got so excited hearing this news. What a find! And what a price!! Those words really meant nothing to my client but he thought it sounded pretty chic and fancy, especially when you say, Roche Bobois, in a sorta French accent.

Later that night we’d had quite a few beers at a local bar, and it really sounded fun to brag about the Roche Bobois to all of the other engineer friends we were hanging out with. None of these guys had a clue about furniture, designer furniture, Roche Bobois, or anything of the like. The Roche Bobois developed into a monster. My husband was planning on how to re-sell it for millions! As if?! As far as I was concerned, we’d never sell it, my client needed a sofa, Roche Bobois or not! I think everyone at that bar knew about it, and boy did we laugh and laugh. But I think we jinxed it. When I emailed the folks over at the Roche Bobois of Houston, unfortunately they didn’t “recognize” the sofa. Shucks. We almost had it!

Sorry about these bad photos, I’ll take some at his house soon!

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