July 24, 2013

Houston Tidbits

Sorry for our delayed absence! It has been a crazy past few months. I’m almost into my third trimester of our second pregnancy, we’ve moved back to Houston, I’ve renovated and moved LeSueur Interiors into a studio space and have welcomed with open arms my new assistant Amanda! I hope to be back to regular blogging very soon! We have so many exciting things to report on!

Thank you to Houston Tidbits for posting this great picture of Julian’s nursery yesterday. You can read the article here. When I was 10 weeks pregnant with Julian I found this piece of Tara Conley art, thanks to my friend Kathy over at Dimmit Contemporary Art. I immediately fell in love and knew I had to have it for our baby’s nursery. Now that we’re expecting number two and our two little ones will be sharing this room, I wish it said, “I love you both more than I know how to”!! 



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