October 26, 2008

Fun Day Saturday!

We had a really fun day yesterday. Here’s what we did on Tim’s last day as a 25 year old!

We had breakfast at this trendy little cafe! We missed sharing a cappuccino with my mother-in-law Robyn today!

Then we took a cab down this road called, “very steep road” for about an hour to Norbulingka.

The website describes Norbulingka as this:

“Norbulingka is dedicated to handing down tradition and restoring standards by providing training, education and employment for Tibetans. It supports an environment in which Tibetan community and family values can flourish. It reconciles the traditional creatively and respectfully with the modern, and seeks to create an international awareness of Tibetan values and their expression in art and literature.”

The entire temple is hand painted, the architecture is really incredible.

We had the most peaceful lunch in the gardens!

We missed seeing the Karmapa because he and the Dalai Lama were at the Tibetan Children’s Village celebrating the school’s 48th anniversary. But we saw his entourage driving back and we caught a glimpse of him in the front seat of his jeep with his shades on! This afternoon we’re going to the Dalai Lama’s temple..but we doubt we’ll see him, he’s been sick in the hospital recently and he’s going to Japan this week. We’re not too stressed since we saw him last year in New Zealand. After returning back home we hiked up to Dharmkot, about 4K north east of Dharmsala. The views were beautiful!

Then we ran into these little monkey’s on the trail:

They were all by themselves, walking home from school. This is a serious walk, like rugged terrain, uphill..and the oldest couldn’t have been older than 5! The reached up and grabbed our hands, and we walked with them the rest of the way home. My heart melted into a puddle on the path. They spoke not one word of English, we couldn’t even ask their names! I sang the ABC’s with them, and then little one could sing along with me!

The blue house in the distance is where they lived. I could not believe that these teeny tiny precious little girls walked this route to school and back everyday. It was incredible! Tim had just said to me, “Imagine if how fit you’d be if you had to walk this everyday!”

On the way back down we ran into more school kids! Can you imagine sending your kids on this walk to and from school everyday? No school buses up here!

These monkey’s were really horsing around!

I could eat them up!

GO!!!!!!!! This is what they were yelling! SO cute!

Then we relaxed in our gardens and had some beers!

Best Saturday Ever!!!


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  1. Anonymous

    Hey Meg! Emma here, those kids are so gorgeous I could cry! xx


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