October 28, 2008

26 on 26

Sunday was Tim’s birthday, he turned 26 on the 26th! Being on the road, it’s a little difficult to plan ahead for cakes and presents. But I managed to get the guys at the First Cup Cafe to bake Tim his favorite, Banana Cake! And it’s a real shame, my camera completely ran out of batteries after I took this one and only picture! I was so upset I didn’t even get one of him cutting his cake or blowing out candles! (i’m sorry robyn & gran!)

These Tibetan guys who owned the cafe were so nice! They all wore these PEACE shirts! Unfortunately this wasn’t the best photo…but the cake was delicious! We ended up sharing it with all of the Indian men who worked at our hotel, they made us ‘chai’, had candles for the cake and we had a nice afternoon. It was definitely one to remember, not your average birthday~

We didn’t get to have a nice dinner out since our bus was leaving for Delhi that night. But last night Jagdish and Asha took us to their club for a delicious meal, Tim had Rogan Josh and said it was his favorite dinner of our whole trip, so that made up for his lack of birthday dinner!

I gave Tim a card with the Tibetan Eternal Knot on it. I love this symbol, it is the intertwining of wisdom and compassion, it has no begining and no end. I love you Tim and I loved celebrating your birthday in such a memorable place 😉 26 kisses & 26 hugs to you! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo


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