March 6, 2009

Friday Shopping at Colette

Since I’m not spending this weekend of my birthday in Paris, I just wasted some time virtual shopping at Colette. I love to rock out to the tunes, and look at everything, highly recommended if you’re sitting at work on a Friday doing nothing! Couple of things that are very cool…

#1. This notebook. I moved to Texas with the intention of starting my own business, never in a million years dreaming that while I was ‘on the road’ a recession would storm. The business is on hold, the dream is still alive. And I like this notebook. It’s good to stay inspired, feel positive, to write notes and to think.Link#2. Plants I could grow. These are very sweet, I don’t think I could kill them. They would brighten any desk, kitchen counter or side table.

#3. The ultimate Spring/Summer handbag. I could fill this purse with a million things! Great for short weekend trips, great for carrying a magazine and sunscreen, great for being used as a briefcase, I love anything with ruffles.

Finally, these pencils. I’m not the hugest fan, I’m more of a nice pen kinda girl. But this is a test to see if my husband reads my blog! Remember he has a thing about mustaches? And these would make him laugh.
Have a fun weekend! I have a few birthday plans I’ll post about later … xxx M



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