March 5, 2009

LV City Guides

I think these are so chic. Louis Vuitton City Guides. Classy, French, En Vogue. Love them! When Tim and I traveled around the world, we were Lonely Planet people. We were budget backpacking, eating and sleeping straight up 1 – star! Louis Vuitton is synonymous with luxury travel, old world class, the finest luggage, the ultimate presentation. They keep the glamor in travel, like the old days, when people dressed up in hats, heals and dresses to take a train or a boat or a plane. Louis Vuitton is the reason I dress up when I fly, and I think everyone should too! (PS, a little advice to America, leave your pillow at home when taking a domestic flight, the flight really isn’t that long, and it just looks tacky, thanks)
The philosophy of the Louis Vuitton Travel Guide is, “Perfectly capturing the spirit of cities with words and imagination. Inspired writing, a pleasure to read and a feeling of discovery for a unique urban immersion.” Doesn’t that sound lovely? All the best art, design, cultural, shopping and gastronomy spots right in one book!
The Mumbai version looks fabulous. Mumbai is so European, colonial India, I loved it. I’d like to go back there and stay at the Taj Mahal Palace and live it up Bollywood style. (Do not be confused with the actual Taj Mahal, which is in Agra, about a 20 hour train ride from Mumbai.) Tim and I visited the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel 5 weeks prior to the horrific Mumbai attacks. The hotel was built in 1928 to commemorate the visit of King George V and Queen Mary. It’s been the resting place in Bombay for Royalty, heads of states, tycoons, corporate elite and well traveled jet setters. Of course we couldn’t afford to stay there, but I had to visit one of the most famous hotels on earth, the very first night we were in town!
We went to the patisserie and tasted truffles, (Tim had about 5, how embarrassing…I think he even tried to put them in his pockets!) then we tried to sneak into the pool but got caught. Damn. I tried to play dumb, but yeah right, I knew exactly where I was and what I was doing!
You can purchase these at the most fabulous store I’ve ever stepped foot in, Colette, or at any Louis Vuitton Flagship store.
Images: here & here


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