September 30, 2008

Formula 1

Not a big fan of F1. I pretty much didn’t even know what it was, but it was held in Singapore this past weekend..and was aparently a big deal!

We were invited to this F1 party as friends of a friend who had a friend who was throwing a party… we went and it was AMAZING.

It was on Nassim Road. And for those of you who are familiar with equals gargantuan mansions on the most beautiful street in Singapore. As we were walking up, I saw a new complex being built called Nassim Park. The designer, one of my faves, Christian Liagre…Tim had to tell me to stop drooling and keep walking.

My photos are rubbish, but basically we could see the race from the street..because it was projected on like a 3 story guest house.

I’m a fan now! Just goes to show you, being surrounded by a beautiful pool, guesthouse, tropical can be a fan of anything! (oh, and great company too!)



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