September 30, 2008

Change of Plans

My husband is a big fat P (perception)…you know, from the Myers-Briggs personality tests. P’s are usually flexible, open, adaptable and spontaneous. I’m a J (judgment), we are structured, decided, organized and scheduled. My whole family are J’s. We make plans, and we stick to them. Not my darling husband Tim..he loves to change a plan at the very last minute. So that we did. We were supposed to fly to Delhi tomorrow..but we’re going to Bali instead!

We’re going to hang out with our friends Jon, Kaelen and Melissa, who are all living in a house, having a good time in Bali. They are so much fun…we just can’t resist not spending more time with them!
These pictures are proof that we go a little wild and crazy when we’re together..and things get blurry!

So, next time I’ll be writing you will be from beautiful BALI!

And we’ll try to behave…but we’re not promising anything!!!



  1. Double L

    Now I have posted my first comment I can relax, a real blogger or just a regular P, open, adaptable and spontaneous?

    Meg, great blog I really enjoyed reading it and I sense a little bit of “P” coming through.

    Enjoy Bali, we are jealous.

  2. Meg

    I love your name and your comments! Thanks for reading! There is more to come, and I’m sure I’ve got a lifetime of P-related experiences ahead of me!


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