October 3, 2008

Beautiful Bali

We’ve been here for two nights and one day. SO much fun so far. Jon, Kaelen and Melissa are living in this house (love the Balinese styles):

The upstairs is all open like this:

We rode our bikes (not bicycles..motorbikes) to the beach 5 minutes away here:

You can’t see here, but the waves are HUGE…we were so tired from swimming last night, it wears you out! Kaelen and I were being tossed around like wet rags!

Plan for today: Shopping (the shopping is WORLD class in Seminyak, can’t wait to take some pictures), Beach, and then cooking dinner for our friends who are amazing hosts, then going to a concert at the Hard Rock Cafe where we are on “the list” to get in….and then planning our weekend away to this famous dive spot, forgot the name..but will learn it soon when we go there tomorrow!



  1. Laurie

    omg- post more pics of the Balinese trio’s house! what does the downstairs look like? I’m so jealous- all of you guys motorbiking around bali! it looks amazing.

  2. Meg

    Hahaha, it’s now called the “Everyone’s just friends” house…because when Kaelen is with Jon or Melissa is with Jon they are always explaining in broken Bahasa that they are ‘just friends’! I’ll post more pics!! 🙂 We wish you were here and were talking about you coming here last night..May 2009 right? Hahaha, that is like light years away on our time tables!


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