September 30, 2008

Fishey Toes

Our dear friend Ms. Carroll who we’re staying with in Singapore took me to get a pedicure on Sunday afternoon. It was the kookiest place, there are fish there to nibble on your feet before you have your treatment done! I squealed at first, it tickles and the really gnaw at you!

After a few minutes I relaxed and really enjoyed it…growing up swiming the lakes and bayous of south Louisiana really prepares you for this kinda thing!

They swarmed! My feet were in pretty rough shape after being on the road these past few weeks! And after they were remarkably soft!

Afterward we sat in these big comfy chairs and had rubs, scrubs and paraffin wax treatments! Fit for a Queen!!

I tried to pick a pretty color that I thought would match my Indian look! (Since we’re supposed to go to India tomorrow..more on that later) It’s a purply/pinky/raspberry kinda color..I wish I saw the name on the OPI bottle…they were just numbered there!



  1. Courtney

    I love that you tried this!!! How much fun – and yes, being from LA definitely means you know what it’s like to have your toes nibbled on by fish 🙂

  2. Meg

    I have the card, I’ll give it to you for when you move!! There is only one girl who speaks English, and it’s in the “heartland” as my friend Kaelen so eloquently put it…but such a good deal and fun find! 🙂


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