October 8, 2008

Amed Part 2

Underwater Amed was definitely the best part!

Luckily Jon and Melissa are scuba experts and have underwater camera houses so we were able to take some pictures! Aren’t they good photographers?? Like, seriously, we’ve got National Geographic material here!

Do you know how hard it is to pose underwater? I’m definitely ‘un-co’ underwater as Tim says (aka: uncoordinated). I was pretty much choking the whole time from laughing so hard!

We miss our yoga studio SO much. I held a mini yoga class underwater with the crew! Look at that Tree Pose! Tim is actually on his way right now to go buy some shorts because we’re going to sign up for one week unlimited pass at the Bikram studio in Kuta! We’ll try to go 14 times in 7 days to make the most of it! That is, if we can get up earlier than 11am to make a morning class!



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