Party On.

Get those dancing shoes out… Tonight is the launch party.

Let's Play Pretend.

Fantasy for today. I want a wild colored door ….SO bad. Orange, turquoise, eggplant…PINK. Behind that pink door lies my baby Frenchie named Jean-Luc. He only responds to you if you pronounce his name in a French accent, “jahn-lewk”. Behind...

Haunted. Marburger Fall 2010

Yesterday I roamed the fields of Marburger allll day with a client. It was super fun, we found some fabulous things for her home. However, two things that haunted me: These lamps. From this dealer who comes into town from Palm Beach. Everything in his booth had a sold...

I heart Ikat. Forever.

I need to touch these, step on these, lay down on these…at ABC when I’m in New York in November. To.Die.For.