April 9, 2009

The Round Top Round Up

We just got a couple of things. These photos are horrendous. (The excuse for the bad pictures is that it’s already 9:30 pm. I still have to pack. I’m leaving for the airport at 4:30am. Iphones make you lazy.) Ok, First up. Antique Italian gilt mirror. It’s really pretty, and adds a bit of femininity to Miss Mendi’s house. I love it, up close it has black etching and is kinda Chinoiserie. Perfect over her Tibetan chest. It’s from Janet Wiebe Antiques out of Austin, Texas. Secondly, this art deco light fixture. I am buying light fittings for a house that is non-existent. Yes, I have a problem. Anyway, I can imagine it hanging from a pretty shiny chain over a sink in my kitchen or bathroom. I saw 4 of these over a kitchen island in a house on a home tour recently and it was absolutely stunning. It’s upside down in this picture, I don’t even mind it that way!

Thirdly, a random oil painting/portrait of a woman. The colors are really beautiful in real life (not so bland as in these pics). It’s signed by an unknown person and on the back it says 1967, I thought it was fabulous. She’s not framing it, I love that rough canvas hanging on the wall.

Ok, the last final photo that looks like rubbish is of my mother’s jasmine. This pic is so bad, you can’t even see anything, I’ll take pictures after Easter in the day light. It’s just starting to bloom. The fragrance is intoxicating. When I get a house, it’s the first thing I’m planting. I can’t get enough of that smell. Hopefully someone will invent how to share smells on blogs, and I’ll share this jasmine with you (and I’d go to Smitten Kitchen to smell what she had cookin‘!)

Have a very Happy Easter and I’ll see you all next week! xxx Meg



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