April 8, 2009


I love Easter, it’s one of my favorite holidays. It’s #2, Thanksgiving being #1, Christmas being #3. I think it’s the yellow, pink & blue, all the candy, white bunnies, the pretty dresses we wore as little girls, it’s close to my birthday, all the candy again, getting together with family, and the great weather. Ok, reading this (a.) I sound like a child waiting for the Easter bunny and (b.) you wouldn’t think I was raised Episcopalian, carrying on about the junk that’s evolved out of this holiday! Well, I also love the spiritual meaning behind Easter. Rebirth, starting new, it seems more up lifting than at New Years when everyone is all stressed about resolutions and trying to drastically change their lives, while still in a winter slump. Easter is cheerful, happy, hopeful, inspiring, and it seems the right time of the year to make goals, focus on new projects and plan for the future. Easter celebrates the resurrection of Christ, it symbolizes eternal life to all those who believe in Him. I like being able to sing Gloria & Alleluia again.

Here’s me, age: 2, smiling big for the camera on my #2 favorite holiday!

Anyway… I’m also pretty stoked I can eat some serious candy again starting Sunday. I need sugar, my relationships are better when sugar is in my life. When I spent $x (it’s too high to put on this blog, people will hate me) at Central Market tonight buying Easter candy to bring to my in-laws The lady checking me out told me she gave up coffee for Lent, wow. I would seriously have to be locked up if I gave up coffee, I was so impressed! I hope Starbucks is open on Sunday for her!

This makes me love pugs even more, if that was even possible. Maybe my family will have a change of heart about them when they see this little bunny pug. How sweet?

I’m going to San Francisco to visit with Tim’s family for Easter, it is going to be great. We have lots of things planned, so I will have lots to report on. Also, I will post a couple of pics of things we got at Round Top tomorrow!

The world’s best commercial, for the world’s best candy. The egg shaped Reese’s are the best, by far, beyond, so much better than the regular ones.


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