The Real India

Saturday, October 18th, 2008

On the way to fancy Malabar Hill past Chowpatty Beach.

I’m dying to buy some pomegranates, my favorite..they are perfect here!

Medicine Man..I wonder if he has the Indian equivalent of this.

This is the Prince of Wales Museum.

It is really impossible to capture on camera how many people there are everywhere. In this city of 16.4 million people, people are all you see everywhere.

I’m DYING to try the Chai on the street (we’re a bit nervous to start eating off the streets just yet)…the smell is so delicious. Starbucks has nothing on the aroma of Indian chai!

We saw our first cows in the street today!

If only my Papa, “The Judge” could have seen the Mumbai High Court…magnificent!

These are the Indian Pay Phones..hilarious right?

I have tons more to come…. xxx

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