April 28, 2010

The Kitchen

It’s lunch time. I’m kinda hungry. For some reason I just really feel like going to The Kitchen for lunch. Unfortunately that isn’t going to happen today. I’d have to get on a 3 hour flight to Denver and then drive up to Boulder in order for that to happen. For now I’ll rock on my front porch swing and tell you a little bit about this hip lunch spot.

The menu changes daily. It’s all locally grown organic ingredients. It’s a ‘community bistro’. They do these family style menus where it’s all dishes you share at your table. Upstairs is a wine and beer lounge. The perfect place for 5pm. The restaurant is powered 100% by wind energy. They recycle and use biodegradable materials. Isn’t it lovely?

I kinda feel like having this: …with a glass of wine of course. If you’re in Boulder, stop by The Kitchen, you won’t be sorry!



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