April 28, 2010

KL's Cute Digs

My sister’s little apartment is turning out so cute! Love it. I’m dying to get my grubby little paws on those rental window treatments, but we’ll get there. My fave bamboo blinds from Target have been off line for about 8 months. Hello, earth to Target..please bring those $37.99 blinds back, Kate needs them. Thanks. Anyway, time look closely at those turtle shells on that bench. The small guy was a gift from me. The other one we bought together. Oh man, I owe my readers a big long blog post all about my Mom (Miss Mendi), Kate and my obsession with stinky ole turtle shells…I need to hang mine up still, but until then…you can check Miss KL out here and here:
She only posts her own photographs. She’s cool like that, I like it.



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