April 21, 2011

Street Art

OK, here’s the deal. About six months ago Tim and I watched, Exit Through The Gift Shop. Super cool film. We were obsessed, and SO entertained. We are still unsure if Banksy created the film or not, (probably), watch it and let me know what you think. Anyway, as a result we started paying attention to street art. And for those of you that think it’s tacky and bad, stop reading now and check back in tomorrow, because I’m a huge fan. I feel like my parents generation and grandparents generation can’t get on board and don’t ‘get’ it, but like I said, I totally dig it.

Anyway all around town (more downtownish) I have been seeing these great little pieces that totally make me smile. I feel special when I see them because I feel like I am the only one who knows where they are and that they are there. Then I found out my best buddy and drapery workroom rockstar/partner Jessica knows about them too and we’ve seen a few new ones together! We started telling each other where different ones were and snapping pics when we’d find a newer one. This is why I love my part of town, it’s urban, a little bit cool and edgy for ole Houston.

ANYWAY. While Tim was in Brazil last week, I discovered the flamingos! How have I missed these flamingos?! I run/bike by them all the time! OH man! I was so fired up. The penguins were my favorite until I found that pair of sassy sassy flamingos. Sometimes Tim has the.best.ideas. I don’t give him enough creative credit because he’s the engineer and I’m supposed to be the creative one. BUT, in this case, Tim came up with a super cool idea. He’s like, “Meg, let’s find that guy and commission him to do a piece in our house on one of our white walls.” Brilliant. I already emailed Coolidge. I have the wall ready. What do you think? I’m praying ‘C’ is super cool and more accessible that Mr. Banksy who is kinda impossible (watch the movie, you’ll get what I mean).

yikes bad blurry iphone pic

That Boston Terrier is PRECIOUS.

So…what do you think? Fan or notafan? My advice to you, go out there, keep your eyes peeled, there is beauty to be seen around town where you least expect it! Let me know when you see the raccoon and T-rex! (there are a lot of other good surprises out there!)
If Coolidge agrees, what the heck should I get him to do? Coolidge..if you’re out there, you’re my fave 🙂


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