March 22, 2019

Spring is here

Ok, so, the sun has now been out for two days in a row I am beyond happy. I seriously had no idea that the gray skies over Houston these past few weeks were having such a negative effect on me. Thank goodness that’s behind us, I am literally knocking on wood right now.

But now that I have had my much-needed fill of vitamin D I feel like myself again and I am ready to jump into Spring. Yes, that means Spring cleaning – but I am not talking about actually scrubbing toilets (talked about some of my fav cleaning products in another post – if you missed it you should check it out, could be helpful). What I’m actually talking about is cleaning out my closet, a HUGE undertaking, yes, but it feels and looks so good when it is complete.

First I take everything out, yes everything, but while I am emptying out my closet I make piles – donate, friends trade, trash, etc. You will be shocked by how much stuff you have that you do not use. I swear I have clothes with tags – I bought them because the deal was so good and 1 day I would fit in it… let’s just say I have never worn it, now it’s just hanging in my closet mocking me – it has to go!

Whats that rule? If you haven’t worn it in a year get it out of the house? I don’t know, it’s something like that, anyways I have exceptions to that rule but for the most part, I do try to stick to it. Ohhhhh, but you know what rule really applies in this situation? You can’t buy anything unless you get rid of something… Just found a spring cleaning loophole – you are welcome!

After you make your piles, put the stuff you are keeping back – that simple! I like to organize by color but do what works for you ; )

Now, who wants to clean those closets??? Just think of all the room you will have for a well-deserved Spring shopping spree!



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