November 6, 2008

Shopping in Jaipur

Tim and I had a great relaxing few days in Jaipur. We decided to take a break from ‘touring’ and just take it easy. India can get really overwhelming, so we just took it one day at a time! We went to the old city and walked the streets lined with millions of shops. This is what we saw:

Party Supply Store! Love it!

Teas and Spices

Sari’s Galore!

Actually thousands of Sari shops


I have no idea what this is, I just loved this piece of furniture!

This one is for my Grandfather, Tex, a shop full of metal scraps and chains! blog isn’t girlie!!!



Nuts and Dried Fruits

Puri’s (a fried, soft, airy, hallow little ball of bread)

This is where Tim might go to school next year if he can’t get a job with our bad economy. The Shiksha-Dhiksha school. I love it. We were crying laughing over this sign. At least now he’ll move to America with our new president!! And I don’t have to respond that I was a ‘political refugee’ everytime people asked why I lived in New Zealand! Which isn’t even a funny joke since there are more serious regfuees out there…



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