April 5, 2011

See Beauty in All Things

Ready to see some Round Top casualties? I promised I’d share. These are my junk buy… 1950’s chair and sofa for my deck. My partner-in-crime spotted them!I had the Dubai ladies over (my mother-in-law and her long time friends from living in Dubai were all here for the week having fun), and they just about fell out when I took them outside to admire our new outdoor furniture. One of them laughed and asked me if I was sure I didn’t get it out of her ‘give away’ pile when she was moving back here from the middle east! I think one of them said she had the exact same set when she lived in Bahrain in the early 80’s. I think they thought I was absolutely CRAZY for spending money on this junk! Oh lawd! I’m going to attempt to scrub the mold and dirt off of the frames, if they don’t return back to their beautiful bamboo glory then I am pretty sure I’ll paint them black. I’m thinking I’ll do simple upholstery, maybe contrast piped in black, with fun fun cushions. There is lots of lounging to be had over here at Chez Lonergan! And now, if I can get my act together and find a table (the concrete one I had quoted is a little out of budget, I’m going to save that one for when I have a pool for it to by!), Tim and I can start the tennis club we’ve been wanting to start for the past two years! (Remember we have Wimbledon in our back yard) We practiced on Sunday night, Tim said I have a ‘mean backhand’, watch out!



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