December 16, 2008

Portobello Goodness

On my third trip to London I finally made it to Portobello Market on a Saturday. Any normal person would have looked out the window and said, yea right, I’m not getting out of my bed today. No, not me, I was determined to go and see what all the hype is about…rain or shine, (more like, sleet or shine). So I dressed up in my workout clothes, (leggings, sneakers, North Face Jacket, £2 hat) and hit the streets. My only warm clothes that live in my backpack look like workout clothes, so I just pretend I’m on my way to yoga when I’m out and about. Otherwise it’s too depressing to see what I look like compared to the rest of London.

It was miserable out there! But I definitely got in the holiday spirit seeing Christmas Trees and Holly for sale!

I met my friends Jules & Emma for a coffee and saw this little guy hanging out! Adorable! The day was a total success, I found a great pair of vintage boots, and didn’t spend another dime on all the costume jewelry and antique silver that was so very tempting (credit crunch people!). Now I’ve got a bit of a cough and sore throat…but it was totally worth it!



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