December 16, 2008

Breakin' The Ice

The other night we went to a pub in Clapham Junction for some drinks with Tim’s cousins, their wives, and their rather large group of Kiwi mates who all reside here in London. While having a great time, I noticed one very obvious trend. Most of these New Zealanders abroad, (yes, myself included) were all wearing Icebreaker’s.

Icebreaker is a range of clothing designed by Kiwi’s and made from fine New Zealand merino wool. The pieces are really warm and soft, and they don’t feel bulky or itchy. They are designed for layering and last forever! Everyone I knew in New Zealand, both male and female, had quite the collection of Icebreaker pieces to survive winter!

Now, I had the very fortunate pleasure of meeting the ultra-hip, ultra-creative and ultra-successful Jeremy Moon in Christchurch right before we moved. He was just starting to fix up his holiday house through the interior design firm I worked for. He’s pretty much the man. I love his brand, his product and am totally inspired by his success.
This is the most classic Icebreaker! See, both girls and boys look great in it!

This is the one I haven’t taken off since I’ve been in London!

I also really love the advertising, it shows off New Zealand’s beautiful rugged landscape!

So…if you’re feeling cold this winter…hurry up and get an Icebreaker, you won’t regret it!



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