January 2, 2019


I am not sure if y’all remember or not but a few months ago I had a leak in my master bathroom. The leak was behind my shower tile and caused extensive damage because we didn’t know anything was wrong until it was too late. At the time I was pretty upset, but looking back it was actually a good thing. There have always been a few things about my bathroom that I didn’t love – for instance, my storage was not very functional but it didn’t constitute a remodel, I was over the wall color but again not enough to make me do anything about it. When our contractor told us we had to completely tear out our tile to repair the leak I was devastated but after the initial shock wore off I was actually excited – this is my chance to update and improve the functionality of our master bath.

As an interior designer, you would think I could do my own bathroom in my sleep but the truth is I struggled. I can easily see how projects can turn from exciting to overwhelming – tile, fixtures, lighting, oh my! In the end, decisions were made and the project is underway. Living through a remodel can be difficult so to try and make it easier I have put together a few of my favorites and hope these can inspire those of you thinking about or in the process of updating your bathroom.

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