October 9, 2008

Makan Makan

Wanna see where we’ve been eating in Bali? They have these delicious little hawker type restaurants all over called, Warung’s. We’ve been going to this one called Warang Murah, which means “Cheap Warung”.

It’s sorta like buffet style, you pick and choose anything you want. It’s SO delicious, all tasting like you’d whipped it up at home in your own kitchen. Last night I had a great Tofu Curry and the Morning Glory Vegetables are to die for!

This is how much everything costs! They give you a card with what they think your plate is worth, then you get a card for your drink. $1USD is about $9600 Rupiah. So you can see..it’s very murah!

Bali also has a special alcohol made of fermented rice called Arak. It’s potent and rough..naturally Kaelen and I had to order some! These “Arak Attacks” were a bit strong as you can see!



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