October 24, 2008

Lotus Temple

Jagdish & Asha also took us to this beautiful modern temple called, Lotus Temple. It is a temple for a religious sect, the Bahai’s from Persia. We went on a week day, so you can see how popular it is with the tourists!

Only in India would you see a sign telling you where to deposit your shoes!

We couldn’t take photos of the inside, which is a shame because that was the most beautiful part. It was completely open, and had beautiful arches on the inside. Everyone was silent, it was really peaceful.


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  1. Alex

    Love Meg and loved this post — especially the part about Sonic ice! I lilatelry had an entire dinner conversation on Saturday night about how much I love it. Rally’s where I grew up in Tallahassee has that same ice and I used to drive through there just for a coke. So glad to see Meg on the blog!


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