September 16, 2009

Lost City

Yesterday I was just introduced to Lost City fabrics by Jen West. If you haven’t checked out Jen’s blog, check it out. She has great taste, I love her work. Plus she’s super funny and sassy and makes me laugh out loud at my computer screen. Anyway, thanks Jen, I loved finding out about this cool line. When I saw the photos, I had to go see what that Arabic fabric was about. The story of it is just so interesting.Rabe’a Balkhi was most likely the first poetess in the History of Persian Poetry. She was born and died in Balkh, a city today in northern Afghanistan. This poem is called ‘Love’and has been embroidered in persian with chain stitch. (9th or 10th century)”Her story is sort of a middle eastern Romeo & Juliet. Here’s the poem translated, and what the fabric says:

By Rabeha Balkhi
I am caught in Love’s web so deceitful
None of my endeavors turn fruitful.
I knew not when I rode the high-blooded stead
The harder I pulled its reins the less it would heed.
Love is an ocean with such a vast space
No wise man can swim it in any place.
A true lover should be faithful till the end
And face life’s reprobated trend. When you see things hideous, fancy them neat,
Eat poison, but taste sugar sweet


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