Lions & Tigers & Elephants?

Friday, August 29th, 2008

Speaking of Courtney, she also wrote about these amazing leather animal footstools. They are so much fun, I love the elephant. One of my favorite shops in New Zealand carries them…

When I was there last week I had to snap a few pictures of them for her, (and myself!). These guys are born in the UK, since we’ll be there around Christmas time, we might adopt one or two as a souvenir..or first pet.

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4 thoughts on “Lions & Tigers & Elephants?”

  1. YES! I know! I doubt we’ll have many dollars, pounds, rupees, dirhams left when we land in London..plus I can only imagine talking Tim into letting me carry one on the plane ride home!!

  2. I think they weigh A LOT. So it would be pretty funny if you were to bring one back to the States. They are stunning though…how cool would it be to have one from the old Abercrombie stores…

  3. I know, I think my backpack is already overweight and we haven’t even left yet…

    I LOVE that wrinkly old one you have a pic of, those were the best ones! The new guys need a little wear and tear, or love!