June 13, 2011

La Residence – South Africa

My good friend Kristin just got back from a little holiday down in South Africa. We talked as soon as she returned home to ‘debrief’ about the baby lions and baby cheetahs she saw (she told the guides she’d pay extra to babies)! Anyway, all she could talk about was this amazing hotel she stayed at and how much I would have loved the interiors. I trust Kristin. She was born and raised in Vail. Not many people actually come from Vail, Colorado. Sure they vacation there, but to be raised there, that is special. Anyway, I couldn’t wait to dig through the website and check this place out. Feast your eyes on La Residence, which is in the wine country just 45 minutes from Cape Town. Absolutely gorgeous. Kristin’s buddy Laura set the trip up, she works for this super cool boutique travel agency and can hook you up with awesome places like this one! Follow Laura on Twitter, she is always in-the-travel-know! I love how it’s rustic but fancy at the same time, my type of holiday!


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