January 5, 2009

Jewelry, Coffee and Frank Gehry

I love bracelets. I can’t leave the house without wearing one (or two or three). I bought this chunky one in Bali for pretty much nothing. It reminds me of all the teak in Bali… and feels exotic!

I bought it thinking of Frank Gehry’s designs for Tiffany’s. His jewelry designs are masculine, simple, they look organic. I love them. I know my $1 bracelet is nothing compared to this Linkgold ring… but I’m inspired to dress up wearing wood thanks to Frank! Anyway, my awesome friend Maureen from Denver (who pretty much should just co-author this blog with me) sent me here to see these very creative coffee cup holders that double as bracelets! Coffee Cuffs! Heaven! A very stylish way to be Eco Friendly! Did I also mention they are made from reclaimed architectural veneer offcuts? Next time you go for that Starbucks slip…you better think twice!



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