October 29, 2008

Hello, My Name is Lakshmi!

I had the time of my life this afternoon! Asha dressed me as a Kashmiri Bride! Every girl’s dream, let me tell you! I’m sorry there are so many pictures of myself..it’s a little embarrassing! But I will never get to wear such beautiful things again in my life! The sari was the finest silk tissue, Asha was given this sari by her mother-in-law to wear the day after her wedding. The tradition is that the bride returns to her home to show her family and friends the new jewelry she has received for her wedding. Asha wore this same sari for this occassion 50 years ago.

I will never wear jewels like this again!!! Emeralds, Pearls, Diamonds, Rubies…oh my! The fabric! Being draped in such fine beautiful fabric was a dream come true, you should have seen the brocade on the border!

And even Tim got dressed in a shervani!

Ahh… I really felt like a queen! What a treat this was, Asha is the sweetest mother! She fixed my hair, pleated the sari and she even hand made the piece for my forehead!



  1. Melissa

    you look so pretty! i think you should prance around houston in that gorgeous garb.

    puj, i’m so sad we’ve lost the final turtle…on the up side, we’ve found another 500 player. thank god, cuz we were having withdrawals after you and tim left.

    safe travels!!

  2. Meg

    THANKS puj! I know, I had trouble taking off that bling!! A little out of place in Texas though.. I miss the everyone’s just friends house! xx


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