October 29, 2008

Diwali Part II

The rest of the afternoon on Diwali was great! I went to have Mendhi done on my hands. Don’t be alarmed, it comes off after a few weeks! Isn’t it beautiful? The guys painted it on by memory, no patterns or pictures to copy. It only took about 15 minutes!

Then Asha and Jagdish performed the Pooja, they lit candles and prayed to Lakshmi. We listened to a song, wore a tika stained bracelets and received a tika bindi. It was so special for us to witness this ritual! Truly an authentic Indian experience!

After the Pooja, we watched fireworks outside on the street for over an hour, they were so beautiful! Much better than the 4th of July! Then we had a delicious, home cooked, vegetarian, Indian meal, such a treat!



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