November 11, 2008

Gimme Some Grits

Being from the south, a GRITS, I naturally love love love grits. I don’t even know what grits really are, I just know they are GOOD. Tim and I were married in Louisiana, and had all New Orlean, Cajun food during 4 days of celebration. He had aunts, uncles, cousins and friends who flew all the way over from New Zealand for the occasion. I remember after the wedding, when we were back in New Zealand reminiscing, Tim’s uncle Russell said, “I really enjoyed all of the food I ate in Louisiana, but I have to admit, those grits weren’t anything to write home about!” I guess you have to grow up eating them to love them!!!

Since October, I’ve been dreaming about this recipe I scoped on one of my favorite blogs…all it takes is food from one southern girl to make another southern girl homesick… In Bali, India and now Dubai, I’ve been wishing I could make these grits & shrimp!!! Last night I got my chance! With shrimp from the gulf, (Persian not Mexican) and some good old fashioned Quakers Grits, I was able to whip this up: (oh yeah, thanks Paula!)

They were a piece of cake to make, and since we had dinner so late at about 9 everyone was so starving I didn’t even get one picture! Tonight we’re having another little family soiree, so I’ll make sure to take some pictures then!
Oh, and nothing goes better with grits than spicy Bloody Mary. Night before last we made some, our timing was a bit off, can you tell I’m missing home? They were great, not as good as the ones in Louisiana that come dressed with pickled okra, green olives and celery, but considering we’re in the Middle East, they were delicious. Tim couldn’t walk out of the grocery store without buying this bottle:
Anything Tabasco, and especially of this size, he has to buy it! We’re the type of people that spent part of our Honeymoon visiting Avery Island. Yes, true story. Our friends Gail & Nasib want us to teach them to cook Shrimp Gumbo…so I’ll have to document the tutorial, coming soon in the next few weeks!


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