December 1, 2008

Dubai Rugby 7's

This weekend we got the opportunity to go watch the Dubai Rugby 7’s Tournament. My brother-in-law Chris works for the company that organizes the event. So he was able to get us tickets, we were VIP, it was awesome! Here’s the man, sporting around in his LSU hat! How can you not love this guy?

Just a little advice, if you ever get the chance to go to any 7’s Tournament (Hong Kong, Wellington, San Diego etc) make sure you’re cheering for the winning team! (or at least the favorites… aka New Zealand!) The Kiwi fans are the most fun, the most lively, and have the most love for the game, I love being on their side!

Here are our guys! They were really fast and really good… unfortunately we lost against England in the semi-finals. We only needed 15 more seconds and we would have won for sure!

Here’s the team I should be cheering for, but choose not to. USA. Rugby’s just not our sport. No wonder they did so bad, look at the way they warm up! They looked like clowns!

And this guy who is a cross between Tom Selleck and Kenny G, actually starts for them! Scary! How can he compete with a hardcore, tattooed, Pacific Islander?

Proof that my husband is funny… he kept El laughing while Chris worked 24/7 last week!

The 7’s is about everyone drinking beer ALL day long. So as soon as the sun goes down, and some Queen songs start playing, the crowd goes wild! This loud English lout got the party started! Too bad it was when NZ was down 21-0 to England at half time…

Our friends Brittany & Cass (from Louisiana) were good sports cheering for New Zealand with us!



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