December 1, 2008

Al Mallah

The best way to end a full day of rugby is at a local, late night restaurant. We went to the very well known, Al Mallah at about 11pm. It was packed. Tim and I have eaten local food like this probably more than half the nights we’ve been in Dubai. It’s so cheap, and so delicious! We got our usual line up:

Shawarma: (chicken, lamb or falafel..or one of each)

Hummus: (This time we had hummus with lamb, which was good, but I prefer plain. After being here, I’m never going to be able to eat store-bought hummus again…there is no comparison!)

Fattoush: This salad is my favorite thing to order, what sets it apart from any old salad is the pieces of fried pita, and the sumac used in the dressing!
Strawberry Juice: You can get any type of freshly blended fruit juice at any of these type of restaurants in Dubai, each one we tried was delicious!

Note: Sorry for the terrible quality of these pictures, I only remembered to take them after we’d started eating, and it was our last chance to document the local cuisine!! I wish I had the proper recipes to go along with these dishes!


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