September 7, 2008

Chinatown Fun!

Day before yesterday I drug Tim to Chinatown. He was not enthused. I love it there and could spend hours wandering around in the heat looking at all the junk and shops. Tim, not so much. This little trip made me miss my mom, Miss Mendi, so so much! We used to always go on these little outings together, and she never got tired of looking in antique shop after antique shop and she’d be so patient when I had to look at all of the cheap watches and purses and the junkiest of junk!

Poor Tim was miserable in Chinatown. He didn’t understand the purpose of looking at stuff we knew we weren’t going to buy. After it was all over, he told me “Meg, our trip to India is not a shopping trip”. Help! I’m in trouble!

The Autumn Festival is at the end of the month, and everyone has been stocking up on their mooncakes. This shop had a line out the door both times we walked by…we didn’t buy any of those piglets! At least the piglets probably aren’t big enough to fit a duck egg yolk inside… like the normal mooncakes!

Had to take a shot of this durian..eww!! The fine for No Durians on the MRT must be so huge they don’t even write it on the sign!

After about 2 hours of Chinatown torture, Tim got to choose what we did next, which was ride the MRT to Orchard, have a coffee and people watch for a few hours..and it was a blast!



  1. Molls

    Durians!!! Can you ever imgaine a prohibited for in America? I love, love those durian signs. haha.

  2. Meg

    I know, they are so funny..I saw one on the bus today too, it’s like, no smoking, no durians side by side! Hilarious!


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