September 14, 2008

Cameronian Inn

Hi! Been trying to blog..but my thousands of photos won’t pop up on this old school computer where we’re staying. At least we have internet, which means I’ve been following Ike..we’ve been worried and hope everyone is safe (and gets power soon)!!

It also means I can read other blogs…while Tim takes a nap! And yes..we’ve been doing stuff non-stop the past two days, but hiking has taken it’s toll and this afternoon we’re chillaxin’.

This is where we’re staying..the Cameronian Inn, it’s 30 Ringgit a night..which is about: $8.68 US Dollars, $12.46 Singapore Dollars, or $13.10 NZ Dollars. Pretty good huh? It’s not the fanciest place, believe me..I am no Eloise in no Plaza.

Hahaha..this is exactly where I’m sitting right now:
The owner man is really nice..forgot his name, but he told me lots of tales yesterday about the legend of Jim Thompson and other missing tourists…scary hostel backpacker ghost stories..good thing it was still daylight when I got all of the Cameronian Inn ‘fo’! I thought he was very nice until he just told me I looked sexy in my running shorts typing at this computer. SICK! HELP! It’s Ramadan, I guess Malaysian guys never get to see a little skin..but still…. Running back to our room now….



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