March 9, 2009

A Bali Abode

A couple of weeks ago Tim said to me, “By April 1 if we haven’t had any more job leads, let’s move to Bali for a year. You can be a yoga teacher, and I can be a chef and a part-time underwear model.” I though my husband had lost his mind. Really? Yoga, cooking, modeling? Hum…not likely. April 1 is not far away. And I just saw the pictures of our friend’s new house in Bali. And I’m seriously thinking we should just pack up a couple of suitcases to ride out this bad economy. How adorable is this house? It’s rainy season there right now, which is a pain, but it’s Bali, and they surf in the afternoons. Am I tempted? VERY. Am I delusional because I haven’t had sugar since I gave up sweets for Lent? Probably. Is this house dreamy? YES.

Inspired like me? You can read about how to pack up your life, and move to Bali on a whim on Kaelen’s blog here: Make Shift Life. (Thanks for the pics K, your life is so NOT makeshift!)



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